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What is a work placement ?

A work placement is a period of supervised work, in which you will have the opportunity to experience work in a specific role within a company or at a University (Academic placement).

Why do a work placement ?


Work Placements are known as short-term employment for students or people who want to obtain opportunities, training and an insight into different business areas. They will enhance your CV and are greatly valued by employers. A work experience is an opportunity to gain real-world skills applicable to your potential career path, but also a chance for you implement skills you have developed from years of education in a working environment.


Being short-term, they give you a chance to test an industry or type of company you may see yourself working for in the future. Furthermore, many recruiters and employers agree that job candidates with a more diverse background of skill sets are certainly looked upon more favourably in the hiring process.   Also, these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences of professional development but even more of personal growth.

What are the requirements to do a work placement ?


Requirements and Request

The requirements to participate in a work placement experience are:

  • Minimum 16 years old
  • Any language level
  • Minimum stay 2 weeks
  • Positive attitude and mature approach

  • If you satisfy all the requirements you can make your request and we can start the process. (No previous experience in the sector is required).


    Application Form and CV

    Once received your request and verified its feasibility, we will send you our Application Form in which you can tell us more about yourself and your goals. We will use it to match your skills with your ideal host company in order to give you an experience tailored to what you want. Together with the Application Form you will send us your CV. We can help you to improve it according to the country you would like to apply to.


    Company search and contact

    We will start to research companies and we will contact them direct. We will tell you about the companies interested in offering you a work placement and we will schedule an interview, between you and the company, which is usually a Skype call with our attendance. We can provide some tips about interview skills if you need them.


    Placement confirmation or others option

    In case of mutual agreement about the placement between you and the company, we confirm the placement sending a confirmation letter with all the details about the company and the tasks you are going to perform. In the event of there being no agreement between you and the company we can provide a maximum of other two options.



    Throughout the placement we will monitor your experience asking you and your tutor for feedback in order to make your experience as easy as possible.


    Certificate, Reference letter and Skills Portfolio

    At the end of your work experience we will send you a certificate relevant to your work placement achievements issued by ETN, a reference letter from the host company and an evaluation of your work performance validated by the host company.

    Why choose ETN Experience ?

    ETN Experience offers a personalized work placement service, tailored to suit the training needs of each participant.
    It offers a broad range of business sectors and thanks to its professional and qualified staff is able to provide great support before, during and after the provision of the service. ETN Experience is part of the ETN network, a European leader in the training sector with more than twenty years experience in the field of transnational mobility.


    ETN boasts a consolidated network of companies in several European countries and has been a four-time winner (2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019) of the prestigious "ST Star Work Experience Provider" award at the ST Star Awards in London.


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