Studying in Ireland

Studying abroad has become a widespread trend and an increasing number of Italians are choosing the Emerald Isle for their training, whether for a language course in the summer or for a real academic career. 

The reasons for this choice fall on a series of advantages, which make Ireland one of the most welcoming countries in the world. The natural and beautiful landscapes to which you can dedicate your free time, the exciting cities on a human scale, far from the chaos, the daily routine and the metropolitan smog, with peaceful and relaxed rhythms of life, warmth and hospitality so Irish. Let’s talk about currency. In Ireland, the euro is regularly in force, so European visitors will not go crazy between currency exchanges, calculators and banks; your budget will be immune to the danger of the different minting and compared to other English-speaking countries, Ireland boasts an excellent ratio quality/price of its services, which translates into significantly lower costs both as regards schools and language courses and transport. The green island is in fact very well connected with Europe, with low cost flights to Dublin, Cork, Shannon and Knock. 

But the real pride is the Irish colleges and universities, which have always enjoyed an excellent reputation worldwide for their excellent programs and high standards.

Just think of the venerable College of the Holy and Undivided Trinity of Queen Elizabeth near Dublin, better known as Trinity College, one of the most prestigious colleges in the world and the oldest in Ireland. Exactly here, within its walls, the genius of illustrious writers such as Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Edmund Burke and Oliver Goldsmith, milestones of Anglo-Saxon literature and Irish pride have been nurtured and nourished. Their statues today adorn the gardens of that College which once saw the buds of its precious offspring grow and blossom. The first degree in modern languages ​​of Europe was also awarded here and the cataloguing code for Isbn books was invented. It is no coincidence therefore that Dublin, home of Trinity College, was named a UNESCO city of literature in 2012. But this respectable institution has become famous in the world for another reason too: its linguistic qualifications, which are named after the institution itself. This is how Ireland quickly became synonymous with language courses. A journey to discover the island of clover will therefore have among its main objectives the undertaking of a course of study or of learning and improving the English language, which is the official language here. In fact, there are about 100,000 visitors who come here every year to become expert English speakers. This is because, in addition to the courses held by many universities, which offer solid grammatical and structural bases, the best way to become familiar with a language is always practice it on the field, walking the streets, exploring the shops and restaurants of the city. 

The Irish are also famous for their expansiveness and affability, so there will certainly be opportunities for exchange and dialogue with the locals in the countless pubs that frame squares and crossroads and constitute the meeting place par excellence. For a perfect Irish pronunciation, you can speak with the innkeeper who serves you to drink or you can sing the songs of Bono Vox and Hozier while walking along the Beckett Bridge, the harp-shaped Dublin bridge, or among the delicacies of the English Cork market. This way, not only will you fully immerse yourself in Irish life, traditions and customs, but you will acquire a distinct and musical accent, made of softened vowels, rhoticism and prosody, which will give you that irresistible Irish charm comparable only to emerald gems.

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