A young Marco Polo of the new millennium discovers China, a modern place with a thousand-year-old heritage

Two weeks in Zhengzhou and Beijing to get to know a faraway country and its people, to discover that knowledge of English language is really the key to get to know the world.

We will learn and practice English or Chinese language walking on the Great Wall and visiting the royal rooms of the Forbidden City; we will also learn about Kungfu and experience Taiji Kungfu classes, we will learn about Chinese cooking and how to make delicious dumplings, we will also learn about Chinese calligraphy.

China Experience

Why visit China?

Cina Moderna


We will learn English and/or Chinese

We will live with Chinese families and study with Chinese students

Famiglie Cinesi


We will explore China and its culture

We will visit the most famous Chinese attractions

Parco Animaili Panda

Have a good time!

We will have fun together doing a lot of activities

And finally, we will also learn Taiji Kongfu!

Places we will visit

Zhengzhou museum and Porcelain Appreciation


Shaolin Temple


Yu Opera


Temple of Heaven


Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square


Shougang Art Park


The Great Wall


Qianmen Street and Olympic Park


Activities programme

17 - 31 July 2020


Friday - Flight To China

Saturday - Arrival in Zhengzhou, meeting with the host family

Sunday - Language Classes, Lunch time, Taiji Kongfu or Chinese Paper Cutting, Dinner time, Tea Art Experience



Monday - Language Classes, Lunch time, Visit Henan Museum, Dinner time, Chinese Porcelain Experience

Tuesday - Language Classes, Lunch time, Make Dumplings, Dinner time, Chinese Calligraphy Experience

Wednesday - Language Classes, Lunch time, Visit Shaolin Temple, Dinner time, China-Italy Cultural Capital Show Rehearsal

Thursday - Language Classes, Lunch time, Yu Opera, Dinner time, China-Italy Cultural Capital Show Rehearsal

Friday - China-Italy Cultural Capital Seminar, Lunch time, China-Italy Cultural Capital Final Show, Dinner time

Saturday - Host-family Day & Final Greetings

Sunday - Train from Zhengzhou to Beijing, Pick up, Lunch time, Temple of Heaven, Dinner time, Back to the hotel and rest



Monday - Breakfast at the hotel, Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Lunch time, Shougang Art Park, Dinner time, Back to the hotel and rest

Tuesday - Breakfast at the hotel, Great Wall, Lunch time, ArtDist, Dinner time, Back to the hotel and rest

Wednesday - Breakfast at the hotel, Qianmen Street, Lunch time, Olympic Park, Dinner time, Transfer to the Airport

Thursday - Back home

Training activities


English and/or Chinese lessons

English and/or Chinese lessons will be led by certified mother tongue English/Chinese teachers. Classes will be in the classroom during the first week in Zhengzhou (15 hours), and on the road while travelling in Beijing. Language is alive, it’s a tool of communication ... so we will learn to communicate, to ask questions, to understand and use English in the most varied situations: buying a train ticket, listening to a lecture at university, listening to the stories of emperors and revolutionaries. 
We will learn to “speak English"!


Free time

In addition to the time spent with host-families and our Chinese classmates, we will have some free time to try Chinese calligraphy, gastronomy and local artistic expressions, we will visit Museums and temples.

Certificates and certifications:

Certificate of participation for the Experience Camp issued by ETN + Certificate of English issued by the hosting organisation.




9 nights in host family in Zhengzhou.


3 nights in a 4-star hotel, in a twin room with private bathroom.

Zhengzhou and Beijing are among the safest cities in the world!

In Zhengzhou and Beijing, the families are carefully selected and the students will always be accompanied during all the activities and supervised in the hotel by ETN tutors.


  • Age:13-18 years old
  • Language: basic or intermediate level of English

Our package

  • 2 weeks’ round trip: Milan – Zhengzhou – Beijing – Milan
  • Language course: English or Chinese (3 lessons per day)
  • Cultural activities in the afternoon and evening
  • Homestay accommodation in Zhengzhou
  • 4-Start Hotel accommodation in Beijing
  • Full board basis (all meals are included)
  • Local transportation (private and public)
  • Return flights
  • Insurance
  • ETN tutor 24/7


Campus organised by




European leader in international mobility training projects, based on the idea of ​​learning and personal improvement, acquisition of new skills, self-awareness, leadership and talent development.

  • Maria Antonietta Parrella

  • Anthea Claps