13 to 16 years

Giffoni Film Festival Tour Giffoni Film Festival Tour is a journey to discover the uniqueness of the cinema for children and teenagers. A worldwide successful genre that in Italy has found its perfect location in Giffoni Valle Piana, a small town in the Salerno area. Thanks to the ambition of its creator, the Giffoni Film Festival has established itself on the international scene and attracts every year young and old from Italy and from several countries around the world.

The Giffoni Film Festival is a window on a genre of cinema that has become increasingly popular and has been able to involve more and more people. To know it is to experiment with a different and specific language dedicated to children; it also means knowing their fantasy world, not only made of fairytales. With this in mind, the Giffoni Film Festival has thus created the concept of a special cinema dedicated to children.


A 3-day full immersion in which participants will learn how to make a video, from idea to screening, living the life of videomakers and actors for a weekend. How to shoot a professional video, what to bring in their backpack, how is life on the set, how to become the protagonists of a film and how to work in the editing phase: these will be the key points of the course "Videomaking and Acting". Creative young people will receive valuable advice and tricks and tips about the video world and they will shoot and be the protagonists of a short video.



21 - 28 July 2019

Day 1 - 21 July 
Hotel Check in and welcome dinner

Day 2 - 22 July 
Giffoni, Ice Breaking Game, performance by young filmmakers

Day 3 - 23 July 
Giffoni, meeting with movie directors, 
from idea to realization of a movie, the new trends in filmmaking

Day 4 - 24 July 
Giffoni, visit to the numerous street festivals, outdoor exhibitions and animations, theatrical performances and concerts during the night

Day 5 - 25 July 
Videomaking & Acting: from idea to the choice of the set-up

Day 6 - 26 July 
Videomaking & Acting: shooting video

Day 7 - 27 July 
Videomaking & Acting: editing video

Our Packages


Basic Package

  • - Course "Videomaking e Acting"
  • - Film Festival Ticket



Full Package

  • - Course "Videomaking e Acting"
  • - Film Festival Ticket
  • - Accommodation at the "Grand Hotel Salerno", full board
  • - Transfer


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