The basketball

The noise of balls thrown on the ground, the fear of making a mistake, the race against opponents, the obstinacy to keep the ball. The leap. The basket. Here is the essence of basketball. A succession of strength and emotion. Commitment and tenacity, sacrifice and awareness.

All this is what holds the passion for this wonderful sport that, like any other sport, is able to give victories and defeats, joy and disappointment.

ETN, aware of the catalyst force of basketball, offers a tour dedicated to basketball lovers who simultaneously want to have an experience abroad and learn a new language.


It is the Basket Experience Tour that includes intense days marked by the noise of the ball and language lessons, without ever forgetting fun and new friendships. In addition, the participants can train in the GSD's basketball courts, go on excursions to the medieval cities of Segovia and Alcalá de Henares and have fun in the amusement parks. The uniforms of Spain's strongest basketball team are also a gift: Real Madrid.

An intense experience to live your favorite sport and learn.

Basketball Camp Madrid

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