I hated every minute of training, but I said, "Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."
(Muhammad Ali)

Everybody knows how important sport is, what it means, and how much positivity it can bring into our lives. It’s important for adults, and is essential for kids, because for them it’s a tool for growth sport means experience and socialization, it means respect for rules. 
Sport is also emotion, it allows you to feel free and release tensions. It makes you feel good.
To share some moments of the day, to achieve a common goal, to work hard: sport is all this as well as good, clean fun. This is why ETN has created 'Sport Experience', an intense experience in which participants can practice their favourite sport, have fun and learn and improve the language skills.


Sport helps you grow as a person and, with Sport Experience, it will help you learn a new language. 
To have some knowledge of a foreign language, nowadays is of fundamental importance, both on a human and on a professional level. 
But Sport Experience is also something else. 
Thanks to the partnerships created by ETN with the best football and basketball teams, kids will feel like real champions. Travel, commitment and knowledge, Sport Experience is a unique adventure that sets goals to be reached on and off the pitch. 
To gain experience while having fun is the best form of growth you can hope for your child, so that they will never forget how good it is to have fun, but at the same time they will learn about sacrifice, respect for others, victory, defeat and sharing.

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Real Madrid Foundation Campus Experience

The most successful club in the football world is waiting for you. With ETN you will be able to fulfill your dreams. The professionals, the locations and the fun: everything will be there for you. Dreams do not wait for you, make them come true with ETN.

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Manchester City Football Club

Thanks to ETN you will discover one of Europe's greatest teams and get in touch with its professional players. It’s a dream that comes true, a hope that becomes reality: it’s ETN.

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